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When I first met with Jackie and Erik, I immediately noticed how he moved his chair so he could sit RIGHT beside her with his arm around her shoulders. If that’s not a sign of a guy that’s totally crazy about a girl, I don’t know what is. Throughout the meeting they looked at each other a lot, and lots of smiles were shared between them.:)I knew these guys were perfect for me. They are obviously genuinely in love and super laid back and happy people! I loved working together on their engagement session. They laughed a lot, couldn’t keep their eyes )or hands) off of each other and everything was just perfect! We went out to Watters Creek in Allen which was a great place for these. My favorite images in this collection are the ones we took in Bonnie Ruth’s and out in the swampy field behind the parking garage. That’s right, these gorgeous, sunny photos were taken in a small patch of wild wheat in a boggy, swampy area right behind a concrete parking garage! Whoop! Beauty is everywhere.:)Jackie was absolutely flawless. I couldn’t get over how stunning she is as I edited these. If you’re wondering where she had her hair and makeup done she went to The Drybar for her hair and Blushington for makeup. ๐Ÿ˜‰

So, take a look, leave some love and enjoy this little bit of pretty.:)


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  • Jeniece - These are absolutely stunning, Teresa. What an adorable couple!ReplyCancel

  • Tonya - I love your pretty brown eyes, Jacqueline! Isn’t it fun to be in love? Blessings to you both on your new adventure.ReplyCancel

  • Amy - Love this! You are killing it. The ones on the steps are my fave too!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea McG - Pretty pretty light! And I LOVE the shot of them on the steps from overhead. Great vision. :)ReplyCancel

I have a twin…or so some people say. Sonya and I met in yoga teacher training and were often called by each other’s names. I can remember looking up in the mirror of the studio and seeing Sonya and for a split second thinking it was me. Of course we don’t look EXACTLY alike, but enough to cause her boyfriend to do a double take! Which, if people have to mistake me for someone else, I’m totally fine with it being this gorgeous girl! Sonya is such a sweet, bubbly soul. She always has a laugh and a smile, so much sweet energy and I just adore her, so I think of her as “bubbly”.:)This was my first time meeting Clint, and he was just as happy and kind as Sonya. They were so so goofy and I love that! But also, they are so incredibly into each other. A kind of love that you can’t help but notice. This is in the running as my favorite session of all time. It’s just so organic, natural, lovely and beautiful. Everything that I strive for in my work. And I could not ask for 2 people who fit that description more.:)

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  • Jeniece - The setting, the lighting, the couple and the love.. this session is amazing. You captured it all so perfectly! Adore it!!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah Beth - Awe!! Love both of you from teacher trainnig – definitely a memory we will always share. So excited that Lightbox has taken off, and glad that Sonya is so happy in these pics. Y’all deserve the best in life :-)ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea McGowan - Um. JEALOUS.I wish this session was mine! They are the PERFECT Lightbox couple… I can tell you fit with them so easily. Absolutely gorgeous. This is my favorite of yours, too!ReplyCancel

I’m struggling to find the right words for this session. It seems that when I’m writing about someone so dear to my heart, I can’t even find the words to describe what I feel. Shameela and I have been friends for 6 years. She was my first REAL friend that I made after moving here and it took me over a year to find her. When I say real friend, I mean the one that you can call day or night, tears or laughter and know that she will know the right thing to say or know when to say nothing at all. The friend that doesn’t judge, just loves. And even as I write this, I’m thanking my lucky stars that I have that kind of friend. Of course, since I feel so strongly about this girl and think so highly of her, there were no guys that quite measured up to what she deserved….except this one.:)Chuck is everything I ever imagined for her. Strong, yet sensitive, open and thoughtful, absolutely adores her and…he’s a musician. ๐Ÿ˜‰ If you know Sham, you know that it just wouldn’t make sense for her to meet “the one” and him not be an artist. I remember going to visit her one day and she shared with me a poem she had recently written that was inspired by her relationship with Chuck- (not only is this girl a fabulous friend and beautiful person, she’s also a very gifted poet and writer). I remember reading this poem and being brought to tears. I looked up from it, smiled, and said “I’m just so happy for you!” Everything in it shined with this new joy she had found and it was all brought about by this wonderful, loving relationship. Any of you with great friends know how much it means to see your friend who you love so happy with someone. And now, I’m so honored to have been able to capture a piece of that with my camera.

We planned this session for a couple of months and when the day came it was cold, rainy and foggy. Any of you who follow my work regularly know that my specialty is typically beautiful, golden sun backlighting the scene. We didn’t have that, but decided to push forward, one because there weren’t any other times in the near future to do this and two because the love between these guys is so special that it just warms everything up on it’s own (cheesy, but totally true!) So, here are my friends. I love you. You mean the world to me. Keep being happy.:)




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  • Chelsea - What a sweet session!! I love how snuggly it is… You can tell they’re crazy about each other. The one with the guitar is my fave!!ReplyCancel

  • Shauna - I really dig these Teresa. You totally captured who these two are as a couple. And I love his jacket and hat, true vintage vibe :)ReplyCancel