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Shea’s Bridals at Cedar Hill State Park

If I think about my favorite place to do any photo shoot, it’s always somewhere very natural, sunny and just simply beautiful. These bridals are all of those things! I’m a simple girl. I like simple. I think that’s where beauty lies. In the everyday, natural moments, the wide open field untouched by a lawn mower or pruning, just allowed to BE. As I read this (checking for spelling/grammar errors) I’m thinking about how my couples are, just like these words I just typed. They are natural, they allow each other to just BE and love who the other is when they are just being them. That’s what makes me so lucky. Taking beautiful photos is invigorating and I LOVE that, but what makes it so rich for me is working with people who GET what’s really important. Ahhhhh,:)

Shea’s bridals embody all of that, shot at Cedar Hill State Park on a beautiful day with all that simple beauty and rustic feeling. She was so awesome. Laid back, up for anything, even standing in the middle of wild flowers in her dress:)I could not ask for a more awesome girl to work with:)


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