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Shameela + Chuck | Love

I’m struggling to find the right words for this session. It seems that when I’m writing about someone so dear to my heart, I can’t even find the words to describe what I feel. Shameela and I have been friends for 6 years. She was my first REAL friend that I made after moving here and it took me over a year to find her. When I say real friend, I mean the one that you can call day or night, tears or laughter and know that she will know the right thing to say or know when to say nothing at all. The friend that doesn’t judge, just loves. And even as I write this, I’m thanking my lucky stars that I have that kind of friend. Of course, since I feel so strongly about this girl and think so highly of her, there were no guys that quite measured up to what she deserved….except this one.:)Chuck is everything I ever imagined for her. Strong, yet sensitive, open and thoughtful, absolutely adores her and…he’s a musician. 😉 If you know Sham, you know that it just wouldn’t make sense for her to meet “the one” and him not be an artist. I remember going to visit her one day and she shared with me a poem she had recently written that was inspired by her relationship with Chuck- (not only is this girl a fabulous friend and beautiful person, she’s also a very gifted poet and writer). I remember reading this poem and being brought to tears. I looked up from it, smiled, and said “I’m just so happy for you!” Everything in it shined with this new joy she had found and it was all brought about by this wonderful, loving relationship. Any of you with great friends know how much it means to see your friend who you love so happy with someone. And now, I’m so honored to have been able to capture a piece of that with my camera.

We planned this session for a couple of months and when the day came it was cold, rainy and foggy. Any of you who follow my work regularly know that my specialty is typically beautiful, golden sun backlighting the scene. We didn’t have that, but decided to push forward, one because there weren’t any other times in the near future to do this and two because the love between these guys is so special that it just warms everything up on it’s own (cheesy, but totally true!) So, here are my friends. I love you. You mean the world to me. Keep being happy.:)




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  • Chelsea - What a sweet session!! I love how snuggly it is… You can tell they’re crazy about each other. The one with the guitar is my fave!!ReplyCancel

  • Shauna - I really dig these Teresa. You totally captured who these two are as a couple. And I love his jacket and hat, true vintage vibe :)ReplyCancel

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