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My Favorite Images of 2012

This blog post has a not-entirely-accurate title. This is not all encompassing because if I were to truly do a blog post of my favorite images from an entire year, it would be pages long. So, I’ve chosen the images that have stood out the most to me as what I think are 1) reflective of the style of work I do and the type of image/mood I like to capture 2) have beautiful or interesting light in some way or other and 3) that step outside of the box sometimes of what I would “normally” do. So, these are not about which clients were my favorites, because that would make no sense either since I absolutely adore ALL of my clients!:)

This was a lot of fun for me! It forced me to look at what I truly LOVE about an image. I also realized in choosing these that I am very attracted to my black and white photos. There is just something moody and drawing about them. I love the simplicity of a black and white. No distraction from the moment or subject, just the beauty of the people and the moment.

2012 was an absolutely FANTASTIC year! I am so glad I took the time to go through and relive it and revisit each of my clients and their stories. How truly blessed I have been to work with such kind, honest, generous and loving people. Every person I have worked with this year has been a joy and my life has been made richer by them. Thank you all for bringing me into your lives and I hope we will continue to be in touch and share moments together.:)

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