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Today I’m reflecting on how fortunate my life is. I’m just like everyone else, I can nit pick myself and my life apart and find places I want to change and have moments of taking things for granted, but I often think about how grateful I am for everything I have. Not materially, although I am very grateful for our home and such luxuries as a vehicle and clothes and cute shoes, but what I’m most grateful for is my family. One simple thought of my child can put a smile on my face in the midst of the worst possible day, one hug from my husband can make me melt and feel safe even in the face of chaos, one silly joke from my sister can remind me to not take things so seriously, and one short moment of inhaling, looking at the sky and finding gratitude can shift my whole day. These reflections remind me that I am responsible for my happiness and I am the one who chooses to see it right in front of me or not.

All of this thinking leads me to how my business is intertwined with my life and how that impacts me, my life and my business. My work and my life being so connected is something else for which I am grateful. At the risk of sounding cliché, I am so passionate about my work. It’s so invigorating to work with a client and look at the back of my camera and feel giddy over the beauty I get paid to capture. Yes, I just said I get paid to capture beauty! That sentence makes me one of the happiest girls in America! Of course my job entails a lot of hard work, patience, office work, analyzing,
number crunching and all of the other not-so-glamorous details of running a business, but what I truly love about this is that photography has pushed me to grow so much as a person. This was something so unexpected when I started down this road. I was a therapist before this. How could I possibly grow from photography? But I have. In ways I could never imagine. Making it your job to
see beauty in the ordinary, highlight the good in our world and capture love in a box (wow, that actually sounds a lot like therapy) gives you the ability to find it in your own life. Constantly. Pardon the pun, but the lens through which I view my life has changed dramatically since I became a photographer. It’s sharper, richer, more vibrant and alive. I appreciate the moments that I didn’t
notice before. What a gift I’ve been given, to have a job that improves my life.

All of this doesn’t really have a specific point, just reflecting and sharing the thoughts. Enjoy the sweet photo of my favorite:)

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