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Sunshine and Lemonade

The older I get, I find that I am becoming more and more nostalgic. I long for the simplicity of a warm spring day, riding down a dirt road in a pickup truck, windows rolled down, wind blowing my hair and making it into a tangled, stringy mess. My grandma used to gripe at my grandpa on those days for bringing me home with such a knotted mop of hair, but I didn’t care, and I guess he didn’t either┬ábecause he kept taking me:)

So, when my little family and I decided to take a trip back to Arkansas last month to visit family, my heart smiled at the idea of long, slow days and sipping coffee on the patio under the trees. It’s so important to me that my son learn that it’s┬ánice to stop and appreciate the world around you, and no where in the world is it easier for me to do that than in my Dad’s backyard next to his homegrown, organic garden.

We drove 8 hours to get there, with a toddler and a dog in the backseat and lots of stops for rest and food and then just let the days unfold. We went out to the lake and I soaked up the family time and sunshine and did what I love, took pictures of my family just being themselves. Not every photo is perfect, some were taken in a bouncing car on a gravel road, but I love them all. And now I can’t wait to get back to a few days of peace and quiet in my Dad’s back yard:)

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