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Rain on your wedding day is supposed to be good luck. But try telling that to a bride who spent the last year planning an outdoor wedding! I admit I was a tad nervous about what sate I may find Jeniece in on the day of her wedding with black storm clouds rolling in and no break in sight, but she was PERFECT. Understandably a tiny bit stressed, but she was really just happy to be marrying Colby and they both were just wonderful and took everything in stride and the rain made a beautiful backdrop and reflected light on them from the ground gorgeously! I could not have asked for a more loving and kind couple to work with and these two did not let a little rain make them lose sight of what the day was really about, their love.


Getting Ready Venue: Aloft Hotel Dallas

Wedding Venue: Dallas Arboretum

Hair and Makeup: Brittany Jones Hair and Makeup

Floral: Lilium Floral Design


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Jordan and Trent are married!!!! I am so excited for these guys. During the best man’s speech, he said that when he asked Trent why he wanted to marry Jordan, Trent said, “So I can kiss her any time I want.” How sweet is that!!! And he wasted no time getting to those kisses. I saw him give her loving kisses and lift her off the ground as they danced more than I think I’ve ever seen any groom before. It was adorable and I am honored to have been a part of capturing that for them.

As usual, choosing blog images is so hard for me, I love so much of a wedding day with my clients and I am so personally invested in them, that narrowing down favorites feels next to impossible! So I’m doing the next best thing, breaking this down into manageable, separate blog posts:)Today, we have the beginning of the day and Trent and Jordan’s first look, which was as sweet as you can imagine. So enjoy these gorgeous people and their gorgeous day!:)



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Justin and Nina’s wedding was so gorgeous! So many rich, vibrant colors, family was the center of focus and this couple is so sweet and in love. Justin and Nina have been together for six and half years and were so excited to be celebrating their marriage! I’ve picked some of my favorite highlights from the day, although there are so so many more not shown here! Blogging is the hardest thing I do because I have to narrow down so much joy to a handful of previews! So, here you go:)


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I am so in love with this blog post! Melanie and Justin were so full of joy on their wedding day and I just can’t help but get swept away in their emotion! Justin was the happiest groom I think I’ve ever seen! He laughed so much, he was just bursting with joy to be marrying Melanie! He walked down the aisle to take his spot and laughed out loud as he stood there waiting for his bride. It was so so sweet. He was so excited. Melanie was full of tears all day and when she saw Justin as she walked down the aisle, all of those tears just tumbled. These guys have been together since the 8th grade!!!! All though high school and college, so you can understand how long this moment was anticipated. When the minister announced them husband and wife, they both laughed and laughed. Seriously one of the most joyful and emotional ceremonies I’ve ever had the pleasure of witnessing. I have tears in my eyes now as I type this.:)

So, here is this gorgeous couple and their perfect wedding day.:)


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