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When my friend Kelly with Sweet Pea Events emailed me to see if I was available for a client of hers, she told me I’d love them and that they were super laid back and sweet. Well, sign me up! And when I met with Jen and Taylor, they were exactly that. Laid back, sweet, obviously crazy about each other and fun! Since all of these are words that I like to hear or say when describing the people I work with, I really could not have asked for a better couple to work with

Taylor and his family have a lot of history in Grapevine, which happens to be one of my favorite places to take photos, so it worked out perfectly and this was a backdrop that is very special to these guys. I loved that Jen and Taylor laughed the whole time and were really awesome in front of the camera! There are so many romantic photos here!! Thank you, Jen and Taylor! You guys are awesome:)


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  • Kelly Simants - Looooove these! You rock! xoReplyCancel

  • Kim & Kevin Locke - Y’all look so good together, what a perfect couple. Two beautiful people. Your mother would be so happy. We love y’allReplyCancel

  • Amber K - LOVE! You rocked this. And I adore their expressions! I just know these guys will look back at these on their 20th anniversary and STILL love them!ReplyCancel

  • Chelsea McG - Ooooh these are pretty! There’s so much texture… Between her hair and the wood and the brick… They feel very real. :) Gorgeous session!ReplyCancel

It’s 2013!!! I am so excited for this year and I just know it’s going to be spectacular! Do you even just feel that way? You just know and feel that something is going to be absolutely amazing? That’s exactly how I feel about this year and I can’t wait to share it with all the wonderful people I will work with and meet this year. So, let’s get the ball rolling with a fresh new blog post, shall we? First up is a super sweet, fun and in love couple….

I had such a great time on this session with these guys! Sunhea and Joseph were so sweet and funny! The best part is that they really make each other laugh. We were downtown, surrounded by strangers, but for these two, there was no one else in the world. I love couples in love.:)


session photographed for Autumn Light Photography: website

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  • Chelsea McGowan - Your black & white conversions are KILLING IT lately. Just murdering it all over the place. I can feel what you were talking about in this post… they’re clearly over the moon in love with each other. They’re lucky to have you around. :)ReplyCancel

  • Kristen - Very nice, good job as usual T :)ReplyCancel

  • Amber K - LOVE these! Most especially the first one. They just look so perfectly in love. Great, great job!!!ReplyCancel

This blog post has a not-entirely-accurate title. This is not all encompassing because if I were to truly do a blog post of my favorite images from an entire year, it would be pages long. So, I’ve chosen the images that have stood out the most to me as what I think are 1) reflective of the style of work I do and the type of image/mood I like to capture 2) have beautiful or interesting light in some way or other and 3) that step outside of the box sometimes of what I would “normally” do. So, these are not about which clients were my favorites, because that would make no sense either since I absolutely adore ALL of my clients!:)

This was a lot of fun for me! It forced me to look at what I truly LOVE about an image. I also realized in choosing these that I am very attracted to my black and white photos. There is just something moody and drawing about them. I love the simplicity of a black and white. No distraction from the moment or subject, just the beauty of the people and the moment.

2012 was an absolutely FANTASTIC year! I am so glad I took the time to go through and relive it and revisit each of my clients and their stories. How truly blessed I have been to work with such kind, honest, generous and loving people. Every person I have worked with this year has been a joy and my life has been made richer by them. Thank you all for bringing me into your lives and I hope we will continue to be in touch and share moments together.:)

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I feel like I’ve been looking forward to Christmas all year! I absolutely love my job, but the call of my comfy couch, a warm blanket and hot cocoa were just irresistible.  This was a busy year for both me and my husband, which means that family time was extra precious and when we both finally got to have a long stretch of time off for Christmas this year, we’ve really been soaking it up. I could not have planned a more perfect Christmas with family and gifts, lights, good food and to top it off, SNOW!!! YES, SNOW! IN DALLAS, TX! I felt like a little kid I was so giddy for a White Christmas! It was beautiful and magical.:)We even put my camera up on a tripod with the self-timer and got a family photo! So, of course this means I feel like I’m officially an awesome photographer. I took a photo of me and my family with me IN it and it actually looked pretty great! Like a boss. 😉

This Christmas was our most fun yet with our little guy. He’s 3 and a half and finally old enough to really have fun with Christmas and he was just adorable. He asked Santa for a scooter and Mommy and Daddy for a leaf blower. I’ve never seen a child so happy and content.:)I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful little family. I hope you had a wonderful, magical, full Christmas too.:)


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Nicole was an absolutely stunning and sweet bride! I am so in love with these bridal portraits of her. Her dress was gorgeous, her hair and make-up flawless and she was just so accomodating throughout the whole session. Nicole and Steve were just as sweet at their wedding and I am just so honored to have been part of their day!:)


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